Monday, 23 January 2012

Wedding Jewellery

The summer just gone one of my staff got married and she asked me to make her wedding jewellery, as well as gifts for the bridesmaids.  We sat together and drew up some ideas and she had a good root through my finished pieces pile so she could get some ideas as well.  She had four bridesmaids, each wearing a different colour of the same dress apart from the head bridesmaid (which was her Gran!).

This is what I made for the bride to match her bouquet.  It's a slightly enlarged Ring Nebula made with Swarovski Indicolite faceted rounds and tiny size 15 beads.

I simply popped it on a silver chain with a silver heart clasp for her.

For the bridesmaids I made simple beaded beads with large Swarovski faceted rounds and the used different colours for the lace overlay.  My exceptional Mum came up with the pattern for this beaded bead and it is completely self-supporting.

Here you can really see the deep ruby overlay.

And this one in teal.

For the Gran maid of honour, she wanted me to make another of the Ring Nebulas as a brooch:

This time I used Light Amethyst Swarovski faceted rounds.

It was wonderful making wedding jewellery and I was so happy to be a small part of making her wedding day be what she wanted it to be.  All of the bridesmaids spoke to me afterwards and said how much they loved their jewellery and one of the girls commissioned me to make a few pieces for her.  Luckily she has quite bold taste so I really was able to let rip for her!

I made this asymmetric double spiral princess length rope with scores of firepolished beads and Swarovski crystals, as well as aventurine and amethyst chips for her.

In this view you can really see the spiral and how the colours peep out of the monochromatic bead soup soup.  It is definitely not a stitch for beginners!  It took quite a few stop and starts for me to get into the flow but once I got the rhythm of the stitch, it grew really fast .

This summer I have been asked by another of my colleagues to make her wedding jewellery.  I can't wait to see what she has in mind!  I'm hoping it'll be something really opulent and over the top! or maybe something refined but quite the statement like this:

This was another piece of wedding jewellery made by my Mum.  She is so delicate in her work and is everything I strive to be.  She is a huge inspiration to me and I hope one day I will be as good as she is.


  1. Hi:-)
    What a beautiful and optimistic post on an empty Monday,when nobody seems to do anything,nobody seems to watch,what others do...except for me:-)
    Sitting in front of my computer screen and making the sapphyre,crystal bracelet,I thought warmly about YOur Blog,and...What a nice surprise!The Wedding Collection:-))Fantastic pendants,but this 'light amethyst' one is my favourite here.
    ...and Your Mum...a Beading Person...? Tell my Best Regards to Her for this sweet,delicate,cream flower necklace.I am very much impressed with Her Work.It is my inspiration for making something floral.I am dreaming of it.
    Hugs and Greets from frosty Sweden-Halinka-

    1. Hi :)
      Thank you very much my dear, you really are extraordinarily kind. I agree with you on the light amethyst colour, it's really soothing and quite a subtle pairing I think. It went beautifully with the skirt suit the head bridesmaid/gran wore and she seemed really happy with it. This, of course, made me really happy too! :D
      Yes, my Mum is a beader as well. In fact she taught me how to do peyote stitch many years ago now! I may do a blog post just showcasing her work because her style is so different from mine. She is utterly delicate and feminine where I am big and bold and she uses space and a sweeter, softer palette to create quite ethereal pieces. She is fabulous and I wish I had her eye for detail! I can't wait to see what floral masterpiece you create and I will definitely show my Mum whatever you make! :D
      Hugs from rainy Britain! x

  2. So far-the crystal bracelet is making me sick and tired of that sapphyre-silver-rainbow-clear contrast and the small 1 mm sapphyre seed beads I join to my project make my eyesight out of order as well.I was just about to spoil the whole thing,but I decided against it finally.Next problem lays in the short pieces of peyote stripes,made of silver 'Preciosa'seed beads,connecting the crystal'flowers':everything seems to be OK,but when I put the bracelet on my wrist,they are seen too much,because the flowers'move' and it makes me mad.I have to make small peyote leaves and cover it somehow.
    I have one flowery necklace on my mind...Delicate and detailed,like Your Mum's one.Probably,I will tackle that topic the following time.
    Hugs again-Halinka-

    1. Oh I know that irritation far too well! Sometimes it's just best to put the project away for a couple of days and then come back to it refreshed. That usually works for me - or else I end up throwing it across the room and get even crosser! :D

  3. p.s.One of my American Friends entitled Her Blog:*No Easy Beads*
    The second one:*Beads for Brains*...and what?...They are absolutely right! :-))

  4. Hi Nice to meet you. Love your blog and jewelry.

    1. Hi Nicole, thank you very much. You're very kind indeed. I must admit that I am quite captivated with your blog as well and hope your surgery goes well tomorrow. I shall keep fingers (and needles!) crossed for you x

  5. Beautiful bead work. Isn't it the greatest feeling when someone praises your work and then has you make something for them. Wedding jewelry is very special.

    1. Thank you. It is definitely a good feeling, and I never ever expected to be asked to make something as special as wedding jewellery! It was beyond my wildest dreams and made me feel very proud indeed!
      Cate x

  6. Replies
    1. Hola, gracias por su comentario. Tuve que utilizar el " BabelFish" ¡para traducir tan me espero que este comentario le tiene realmente sentido! : D
      Alegre usted tiene gusto de mi trabajo y can' espera de t para ver más los suyos.
      Cate x

  7. Hi :-)
    Very pretty!!! I love it!