Saturday, 7 January 2012

Time Machine

I have spent most of the day beading the Time Machine pattern.

I decided to have a practice run with the cheaper beads and got them all out ready:
Then I got started!  This is with the end caps done (and a perfect time to break for a nice cup of tea)
Side view:
Then I got started on all the lace overlay, swags and embellishments:
It was a bit fiddly and it's okay...  Just a bit too fussy for my tastes I think.

I decided to have another go, but this time make some variations to the lace overlay and make it a little simpler:
(The pound coin is there for size reference)
Still not sure about it, I don't think I like the 4mm crystals round the centre...
That's better!  Much happier with this version.  I know it's not quite as impressive as the ones on the BeAdInfinitum Website but I think you can see the Swarovski crystals better and that makes me happy.  So happy in fact that I beaded another straight away!
Now I'm going to take my claw fingers and have a bath whilst I think about how I'm going to show them off to their best advantage on a necklace...

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