Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Time Machine Supplies

At Christmas, my lovely chaps (Staff 1, Staff 2 and Staff 3) clubbed together to buy me a pattern from BeAdInfinitum

I had been hankering after the Time Machine instructions for a while and chatted about it a while back when I ordered some other patterns from there and they must have remembered because I had no idea that's what they were going to buy me!  How spoilt am I?!

I decided to be a little bit courageous with the palette for this phenomenal beaded bead - usually I stick to the monochromatic or choose a colour and various hues - and choose colours that I would never usually use.  I mooched around Google Images for a while, checking out colours that go well together and in the end, took the bull by both horns (and my card by it's plastic!) and bought this lot:

As you can see, I stayed a little conservative with the Blue Carnival firepolished crystals but the rest of it is pretty much out of my comfort zone, especially the gold!

These are some Swarovski Opaque Turquoise Rounds with the galvanised gold beads I'll be doing some of the lace work on the Time Machine.  This is a colour set I would definitely not choose for myself but after seeing the same combination here, I just couldn't resist!

I am really looking forward to starting to bead this this weekend.  Mum and I will be beading it at the same time (she's a prolific beader too) so that we can help each other through the more complex steps of the pattern.

I'll let you know how it goes... 

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