Thursday, 25 August 2016

Tiny Triangle Earrings

Regular readers will know how much I love and am inspired by the works of Jean Power, especially her triangles.  They're so simple and yet so versatile.  Recently I needed to make a small thank you gift for someone and Jean came to the rescue again!

Tiny little triangle earrings were perfect!  

I bead around the post rather than glue the post to the finished triangle, mainly because you never know what people are allergic too, and the glue could dry prickly - never good!

I ended up making these for all my friends in all sorts of colours:

They are available for only £5 in my Etsy shop here

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

A Day With Jean

As a gift to Mummy for organising the wedding for me and Chris, we aarranged to have her spend the day with Jean Power in an intimate one on one lesson.  Mummy is amazing and said that I could join them too though!

It was utterly amazing!!!  She bought all her finished pieces along and we saw pretty much the entire contents of her gallery in real life, which was AMAZING!

We decided to choose three things and have a jam packed day of learning: Icos Pendant, Beaded Frames and the amazing Interlocking Crystals and it was outstanding how much we learned from her.  The wedding was the best day ever but this came a close second!

This is mine and Mummy's work for the day:

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

A wedding!

On Halloween, Chris and I got married.  It was the most wonderful day of my life:

He looked utterly spiffing in his 3 piece tweed suit, and I felt like a princess in my Georgette wedding dress. It could not have been more perfect. I wore pearls in my hair, made by Mummy:

My bridesmaids wore red satin and I made them a simple necklace and matching earrings using Swarovski Elements in Siam paired with Silver Duracoat Delicas:

My flower girls had silver bracelets with matching Swarovski Hearts dangling, but I forgot to take a photo of them because I'm an idiot!!!

Mummy's necklace was spectacular!  She bought a pattern from BeAdInfinitum called Starburst Galaxy and made it in Swarovski Pearls and made a few adaptations to make it perfectly perfect for the wedding:

Look how many she's made! 
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How gorgeous is that??!!  She wore it with petrol blue silk and looked amazing!

All in all, we had a wonderful day and it was glorious bringing our craft into it - not least because it saved us plenty of pennies!