Thursday, 19 January 2012

Stars In Your Eyes

Don't you just hate it when a friend's birthday creeps up on you?!

Luckily, I looked at my diary and happened to flip through a few days and found it hiding at the end of the month.  I decided to make a Jean Power Geometric Star up because I know that I can bash one of those out pretty quickly whilst not paying a huge amount of attention because they're just wonderfully (and deceptively!) simple!  Hurrah for Jean.  AGAIN!

As you can see, I grabbed some plain old silver delicas and got making my components...

Two of the wonky squares joined up...

See - totally unsupported.  These stars really hold their shape!

All joined up and finished off!  I think I shall pop a jump ring through the tip of the star and suspend it on some chunky silver chain about boob length as she quite likes long necklaces.  Phew!


  1. HI:-)
    Your Work is amazing!:-)
    I found YOur Blog yesterday night and it was too late to comment upon:-)
    Thank You for Your visit-I am very happy to see You've come.
    Happy Beading to You and Warm Greets from Sweden-Halinka-

    1. Thanks hun, I was just thinking the same about yours! :D
      Happy beading and warm welcome from the UK. Can't wait to see what you do next. x

  2. Replies
    1. She did indeed - thanks for getting me out the shit yet again with your fab patterns!