Monday, 28 May 2012

Jean Power's Honeycomb Bracelet

Mummy decided to have a quick make and this was the result:
Yep, the Honeycomb Bracelet by the utterly fabulous Jean Power! I know this piece is stunningly fast and very satisfying to make, not just because it makes up so quickly, but because it can be delicate and romantic, such as the one Mummy beaded here, or it can be dramatic and dangerous in other colour schemes.  I made one in deep reds with blood red large beads around the outside and it was so completely different looking to the one that Mummy made that it just shows what a chameleon pattern it really is.  And and absolute bargain at only £3!!!

Shame these colours don't really suite me though!!  :(

1 comment:

  1. Hi:-)
    Very delicate and beautiful 'quick make'.
    Tell my Best Greetings to Your Talented Mum.
    Hugs for You:-)