Sunday, 20 May 2012

Fade Necklace

As my muse seems to have returned from an astonishingly long holiday I have been putting pencil to paper and needle and Nymo to beads!

Last weekend Mummy and I went to the Beadworker's Guild Bead Bazaar and spent an absolute fortune between us.  It was so inspiring to see people wandering about wearing the most fabulous creations.  I wore my Pyramids Cuff and received lots of compliments on it.  I also saw a few really amazing kits, but at £40 they were a bit too expensive for me (although not as expensive as the Sylvia Fairhurst kit Mummy liked - a whopping £73!).

I bought some rather lovely Swarovski rivolis and this is what I made with them:

I stuck with simple (yet again!) and bezelled three Swarovski rivolis; one 27mm, one 18mm and one 14mm.  I used Delica DB925 Sparkling Grey for the starting 3 rows of peyote stitch and then switched to Delica DBS041 Silver Lined Crystal 15's for the next two rows.

You can just see the Sparkling Grey in this photo.

For the rope I decided to try something that I've often seen, but never done before.  I beaded a six bead round herringbone rope and started with the sparkling grey and then faded into Delica DBC0041 Silver Lined Crystal for the front portion of the rope and then back again.

It faded in quite well I thought.  It's not as good as I've seen done elsewhere, but I'm reasonably pleased as it was my first go.


  1. Your necklace is gorgeous! You did a fantastic job on the rope! I have seen this technique too, but I have not tried it yet.

    1. Thanks hun! It was a bit irritating getting the sides random but kind of equal looking, but perseverance and trying not to be a slave to perfect symmetry worked out in the end. :)

  2. Hi:-)
    The necklace looks very distinguish and elegant,because of its simplicity of the form and color.The black background is maybe not very fortunate here,because it's very difficult to see the details.I bet,in reality it looks much more nicer.
    All in all-the focal and the rope look so beautiful and precisse.

    1. Unfortunately the black background is all I have as I don't have a white bust. :( I'm sure taking photos with my phone doesn't help!
      Thanks chick x