Monday, 14 May 2012

Eleanor by Spellbound Beads (made by Mummy)

Recently Mummy made the Eleanor Necklace by The Spellbound Bead Company and this is how it turned out:

She started off making the silver on the top and the black on the bottom but it looked really odd and just didn't work so decided to flip the colours.  For some reason it looks strange with the dark on the bottom yet utterly right with the dark on the top.  Must be something to do with something I don't understand!

The finished piece sits delicately on the collar bone and for such a simple project, it really does look quite elegant and sophisticated.


  1. Hello:-)
    How are You?
    Nice to see Your new ,delicate necklace.
    Very elegant piece and stitched nicely,with beautiful crystals.
    I missed Your Work:-)
    Warm Greetings-Halinka-

    1. Hi sweetie, I'm well, hope you are too?
      My muse has been in hiding recently but it seems that she may be back with a bang as I've got a piece on the go and another design bubbling away in the old brain! :)
      Warm hugs,
      Cate x

  2. Gorgeous necklace, very elegant.

    1. Thank you, it was reasonably priced as well - Mummy said that she quite enjoyed it as it wasn't a mind boggling stretch to do. Good for putting the grey matter in automatic yet yielding elegant results! x