Saturday, 4 February 2012

Pyramids Cuff

A while back I bought 50g of Sand Dune Mix delicas and knew I wanted to do something pretty outrageous with them but couldn't think exactly what!  I started making a really fat RAW neckerchief with them that went from jaw line to cleavage but I don't like the way delicas look in right angle weave.  They just don't lend themselves well, in my opinion.  I wanted something a bit punky and really contemporary but just didn't know what.

So I started perusing Jean Power's website for some inspiration because I love her patterns and she knows her geometry!  Then I moseyed through my various beading books and my eye was caught by Diane Fitzgerald's Shaped Beadwork.  I've made a few of the pieces in the book but knew that I just wanted the starting blocks for something of my own design.

Finally, I found inspiration in the most unlikely of places!  My friend came round for a cup of tea and she was wearing a square studded belt and I just knew that the delicas could make that happen!

This is the result:

I started out just seeing if I could actually make a beaded pyramid.  I used Diane Fitzgerald's square for the bottom and half of the Octabead (but added rows to make it taller) and it worked!

Here you can see the bottom.  They're surprisingly sturdy, which is good as it wouldn't do to have them collapse on themselves!

I started laying them out to see if they'd work but then had to think about joining the little buggers!  When I first zipped them together at the base the whole structure was just too stiff and unwieldy.  I tried adding a couple of rows of peyote in between, but that just looked rubbish.

Looking through my crystals stash brought me the perfect solution - half gold Swarovski 4mm bicones. They gave the flexibility and because they aren't fully 'blinged up', they really work with the delica mix. 

As you can see here, I made a simple open triangle (again, from the Shaped Beadwork book) and toggle clasp to echo the pyramids.

And here's what it looks like on.

And the clasp.

It's a bit mad and definitely not to everyone's taste but I'm glad it turned out pretty much as I imagined it, punky and contemporary all at the same time, yet the Swarovski adds some femininity and bling!


  1. Oh my I really like how the bracelet turned out it is very neat and you are right the bicones were the right choice to connect the piramids.

    1. Thank you, I must admit I really didn't think people would like it because it's quite big and chunky! I'm glad you agree that the bicones were the right connecting choice. :D

  2. Hi:-)
    Incredible bracelet!Very unique idea:-)
    Looking at it,I can imagine at once all those views of the spectacular places my Husband visited once in Egypt.I've never been there,but I think,it looks like that:-)
    You really like beading with Miyuki Delica:-)You are very much skilled at it and I feel a little 'infected',with Your fabulous Work and as I have told You before-I have lots of colors,still in my boxes-untouched-used only ocassionally as the addition to something,that I had to use them,not having had any other solution,but I've never used them in such rate.I have to try someday,because I'm so enchanted with the effects.
    Warm Hugs-Halinka-

    1. I know what you means, I've been toEgypt and the colours are very reminiscent of the pyramids at Giza. :)
      I do, I love delicas - no seed bead can look as gorgeous as a delica when beading peyote, brick, square, herringbone or ladder stitch! They're just so uniform and perfect that they tesselate so well. However, they look rubbish in right angle weave and triangle weave so they definitely have their limitations!
      Give them a go with some peyote - you'll definitely be converted! :D
      And thank you, it's lovely that you like my work and makes me very happy indeed.
      Cate x

  3. Hi Cate,
    your bracelet is amazing!! I like this colour very much. I have been to Sahara desert, not exactly Egypt, but I was fascinated with every shades of sand.
    Regards, Alex.

    1. Hi Alex,
      Thank you very much for your kind comment, I'm very pleased you like it!
      I too have spent time in the desert, but it was Saudi Arabia rather than the Sahara - you lucky duck!
      Cate x

  4. Your bracelet is marvelous and seldom does one see 3 dimensional, pyramidal shapes done in tiny seed bead work ... making this truly a unique design.

    1. Thank you very much! It was an absolute pleasure to bead and I already want to make another one in a really bright colour so it looks all punky! :D

  5. What a great cuff! I know a few women who would be thrilled to wear it! I can't wait to see it in a bright color.