Sunday, 12 February 2012

Once More From Mummy!

My Mum read my blog post late last night where I showcased her work and sent me a text: "Gosh, not even the oglioliwali whatever made the cut!  Thank you!"  "oglioliwali whatever" is what we call Ogalala Lace Stitch (instructions behind the link).

This is the necklace that she was talking about:
and I would have included it if I had a picture!  So Mummy sent me this picture at half past eleven last night so I could share it with you!

She also made it in a really delicate lavender palette and that one is just as delicious as this one is. 


  1. Wow!!!!!!!! beautiful!!!!!!!!! thank you for the instructions.

    1. I shall pass that on to my Mum!
      I hope you enjoy making it :D

  2. Hi:-)
    One fabulous necklace more!I love the colors and the design.It seems to be more complicated,than previous ones,but thanks to this is very much decorative.

    1. This is probably the most simple of all her designs - if you follow the link you can see the instructions and just how easy they really are!
      Hugs x

  3. Hey there, Both your work and your Mum's work is absolutely gorgeous. Thanks for the link, another new stitch for me to learn.