Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Red Many-Horn

As you will know if you read my blog, Kate McKinnon is curating a new book called Contemporary Geometric Beadwork (buy it here) that is a sister to Jean Power's absolutely incredible Geometric Beadwork (yes, I will be talking about that in my next post!) 

Kate has invited beaders all over the world, of all abilities, to get inspiration from the pictures she's posting and has given people who have pre-ordered heads up on various techniques and designs and then send her pictures for the book/eBook/website/facebook.  After seeing the Horned Melon by Kate I was fizzing with inspiration and absolutely itching to do a rendition in shades of red.

I started with the M-RAW bangle base that Kate gave pre-orders and decided that I would have seven horns to start with.

As the horns got bigger and bigger, the cuff just wanted to twist and bend and fall down into odd squares.  This, for me was utterly exciting because I didn't know how far these structures could be pushed before they became unfeasable...

After 25 rows on one side of the horn, I was worried about whether I would have enough silver lined red delicas rather than being worried that the horns would become unstable.  I'm quite a tight beader and definitely think 50 rows per horn side is achievable, if a little impractical for a cuff!

I started to decrease but for the first few rows, the cuff showed absolutely no signs of behaving and turning into an actual cuff rather than a beaded 'form'!

However, a few more rows and a little manipulation and the cuff started to take shape.  

I made the opening of the cuff 14 beads larger on this side by decreasing down 24 rows rather than 25 as I knew that it would end up being quite a large cuff and that a bit of forearm would need to be accommodated!  There's nothing worse than a gorgeous cuff that only skeletons can wear because it's too small!

In this picture you can see that I'm beginning to add a row of RAW so that the cuff is symmetric:

And then I started to make some wings using colour lined chocolate cherry delicas.  Well, at least when I started they were going to be wings!

In this picture you can see that I made the darker red wings/horn beginnings start their shape right in the centre between the large horn.  This is because the original idea was to make two sides of wings and join them at the point row in the same way as I did the Pink Pinstripe Ruffle Cuff...

But they wanted to be horns as well!  These horns are 14 rows per side (I think!), so that they don't stick out as much as the bright red horns.

I edged the opening with two rows of the silver lined red to give it a bit of a more polished finish.  And then  started again on the other side...

All finished!  Please excuse the rather rubbish pictures - I took them the evening I finished it and it was about 11 o' clock at night! 

All in all, it is a truly vicious cuff that makes me think of warrior queens and Japanese anime characters and superheroes all in one!  I love how BIG it is and how spiky it is and above all, I love the colours.

UPDATE: Someone asked in the comments what this cuff looks like on.  Unfortunately I don't have a picture of me wearing it but I do have a picture of my son, Xander, wearing it!  Yes, it clashes with his top but he said he felt like a superhero so I let him wear it for a bit :)


  1. Wow so amazing, i also love it!!!! greetings from Austria Andrea

  2. Great cuff! Could you show it to us on your arm? Also, how many M-RAW units did you start with?

    1. I started with 84 MRAW units so that I could get 7 horns to fit. As for a picture on my arm, I don't think I took any! However, if you click this link -> http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=502276339794970&set=a.469806803041924.100546.468499873172617&type=1&theater then you can see my son wearing it! :)

  3. WOW! I have the recipe, but I'm kind of scared of it...lol..After craft shows (2 more! 2 more!) I'm going to hunker down and start it. Just in time for New Years!

    1. Don't be scared! Jump in with both feet and see where the beads take you! :D

  4. That is just amazing!

  5. It's great work ... Congratulations!!!

  6. Replies
    1. Yay! Glad you do, seeing as you and Kate are letting it go in the book! Woop!

  7. You did a great job and great pics. I have purchased the book by Kate McKinnon and have the preview downloads but am seriously stuck trying to do the tint horn bracelet. I must be missing something can you give me a step by step of the 1 st couple rows after the increases are set in place. Your pics make it look like each round makes more teeth between increases , mine is not doing that either. I have made the triangles and had no problem with that.

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