Sunday, 9 December 2012

Triangle Necklace by Mummy

If you've bought Geometric Beadwork by Jean Power, you will have seen Mummy's gorgeous Triangle Necklace at the top of page 25.  Although she loved the Heroine Necklace, she decided that she would never wear it because it was just too much for her (I wear mine as much as I can!) so she decided to take the elements and make something more wearable.  I love how she can take an idea and pare it down to create the perfect tribute that is also perfect for her.  Lovely job!

This is the necklace in full:

She used the most gorgeous Silver Lined Dark Silver delicas (DB48) for the triangles and then joined them using some delicious Black Diamond Swarovski bicones. 

I love how the triangles are smaller at the back than they are at the front and how the bicones add a little bit of sparkle to a very industrial looking piece.

Mummy also made some delicious matching earrings and bought a perfect solid silver clasp (I must remember to ask her where she found it) that echoed the whole so perfectly.


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