Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Antidote to all that gold!!!

After making the Gold Lariat of my previous post I decided I needed a quick make that was more my taste!  When Mummy and I visited the Beadworker's Guild Bead Bazaar a few weeks ago, I fell in love with this Swarovski Montana Blue Fancy Oval which I bought from the JBS Beads stand (unfortunately the stone isn't listed on her website yet which is why the first link takes you to Fire Mountain Gems).  JBS Beads are based literally 10 minutes from me in Thurmaston and although she is a mail/internet order company she often hosts excellent evening shopping parties in her home where you can go along and be made very welcome with a lovely cup of tea or a glass of something else poured by her husband and feel utterly free to have a wander through her ground floor looking at and buying her full range.  And it does take over the full ground floor of her house!  She's very welcoming and my goodness it's best to take cash because cards can get taken to their very limit if you're not careful!

Anyway, I saw the stone and knew I needed it!  I also saw these gorgeous Nickel plated steel coloured delicas (DB21) and thought they would go brilliantly.  I hunted high and low for the same finish delicas in 15 but could only find Steel hex-cut from G J Beads so I decided to take the plunge and bought them.  I'm really glad I did as well because the cut on the hex really sparkles and gives it some life!

As always I head towards the simple, rather than embellishing and made a bit of a bling ring.  I kind of love it but have to be careful wearing it when I'm driving because it really sparkles in the sunshine and can dazzle - it's definitely safer not to wear it if it's sunny out!

Here's the ring I made, it's not a brilliant picture as it was taken on my phone in the kitchen at dusk (it's the only place there was any natural light left)!

And here it is on my finger!  It's definitely a statement ring, if only for the size!