Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Etsy Shop

So I decided that it was high time I got with the rest of the world and set up a little Etsy shop to sell all the beadwork Mummy and I have made over the years (that we think is good enough to sell, obviously!). 

A few years ago I became disillusioned with craft fairs and utterly fed up with the amount of theft that goes on at many of them.  I've lost so much jewellery that we've spent months on that I just stopped doing them.

We are aiming to graph out patterns eventually but this time spent off work (recuperating from a small operation to remove a lump from my breast - get those boobies checked people!) is best spent setting the shop up and then patterning can come later.

I've not finished listing everything yet though, my photography skills are severely lacking - as you well know from seeing my blog here!

Feedback would be awesome :)

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