Saturday, 20 October 2012

Mummy's Triangles

My amazing Mummy has just uploaded this picture to our Facebook page:

How gorgeous is that?!

She started with the large triangle (which I originally thought was going to be a bangle), adjusting the count from Jean Power's Heroine Necklace triangle links.  In it's first incarnation, the centre was filled with the other two triangles, one inside the other suspended by crystals.  After about a week of musing she decided she didn't like it at all and cut the triangles out and rearranged them as you see here.  I love it!

The centrepiece is hung from a simple six-round herringbone rope to enhance the simplicity of the triangles and the complexity of the form.  I simply adore how all the negative spaces between and within the triangles are triangles, which enhances the whole piece.

Mummy, you've done it again!  Brilliant, simple and complex all in one piece - utterly fabulous!


  1. The design is spectacular, amazing and a real beauty!!!
    Congratulations to your mom!!!

  2. This is amazingly wonderful- and I really covet it!
    I would wear that in a second- and will have to photograph it for my second book....

    1. Wow, I am so proud that you like it Jean! You would be very welcome to photograph it. Mo x