Thursday 22 September 2016

Mummy's Makes: An Adventure In CRAW

So recently Mummy has become a bit of a CRAW addict!  She's been making some gorgeous necklaces, some abstract, others more conventional, all gorgeous!

I totally love this cross that she made first.  That single silver element in the centre is just perfection!  It is available in our Etsy Shop here.

Check out this gorgeous celtic cross necklace Mummy made recently! Her patience with CRAW astounds me
#beadwork #beadweaving #craft #handmade #necklace #seedbeads #gold

Then came this beautiful Aztec looking design in shades of metallic pink!  This one is my favourite beause I just love the shapes she's made with this versatile stitch, even though pink is seriously not my bag!  It is available in our Etsy Shop here.

I love this cute pendant Mummy made in CRAW. Reminds me of an Aztec warrior.
#beading #beadwork #beadweaving #craft #handmade #seedbeads #necklace #beadworkforsale #pink

Ooooh, or maybe this one is my favourite!  I can't decide!  Love this geometric abstract pendant.  The colours are so retro and the shape makes me think of art deco.  Also available in our Etsy Shop here.

Another of Mummy's CRAW Creations! This one is also available in our Etsy shop -
#beadwork #beadweaving #craft #handmade #seedbeads #necklace #beadworkforsale


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